To My Dear Readers: Goodbye Eat & Relish…hello The Amused Bouche!

goodbye eat and relish

Hello my friends and dear readers — it’s been quite awhile. First, I must offer my utmost apologies; I haven’t been posting much anything here over the past months, and I haven’t really clued you in as to why, either. But I have been furiously cooking, writing, and snapping photos over here, and doing all of those things with the intention of eventually letting you in on a little secret I’ve been keeping.

Eat & Relish has been a wonderful creative outlet for four (!!) years, and I cannot thank you all enough for signing in, signing up, and reading along with my adventures in the kitchen and beyond. I thank you from the bottom of my heart (the very buttery bottom!!); without your support, kind emails and comments, and willingness to read my jibber jabber, cook my food, and share it with your families, friends, and loved ones, this little blog would have never evolved to become such an important and enjoyable aspect of my life. However since I started E&R in 2011, so many physical aspects and intangible parts of my life have shifted, moved, and changed, and this space just wasn’t feeling like quite the right fit to keep up with the pace of those changes.

And so in the spirit of no real endings – only new beginnings – I am a little sad to let you know that I will not be writing here at Eat & Relish anymore…..but I am even more excited to introduce you to The Amused Bouche – a new (roomier!) space I’ve built to celebrate all of the things I’ve been passionate about here, but with the addition of so many more. There will still be an absolute focus on cooking and original recipes, but I’ve worked to create a dynamic space that is more comprehensive, organized, and conducive to growing right alongside me. I really hope you’ll like it as much as I do.

The Amused Bouche

{that’s me! and winnie! and hazel! …oh right i meant to tell you…we got another puppy! we’re clearly insane.}

All of the old content is still right there – but with features that (hopefully) make it a much more pleasurable place to have a browse around. I’ve gathered all of my recipes into an easy-to-navigate Recipe Index that makes it a snap to find what you are looking for, and each recipe is contained in it’s own easy to read box. You can now print just the recipe (without the whole post) by using the cute little button within that box to send a neat and tidy recipe card straight to your printer – no copy and paste required. You can peek at my bookshelf to see a continually updated list of the cookbooks I’m currently cooking from and crushing on, or if you’ve got a trip coming up you can have a gander at my restaurant recommendation database to see if your destination happens to be a place I’ve managed to eat my way through. I’m also thrilled to tell you that you can shop my handmade jewelry line, Celia West, directly from the new site – and if you sign up to receive new posts via email (and clue me in on the month you were born in), I’ve got a special discount (and b-day gift!) coming your way to say thank you.

I’ve ported over all of my current Eat & Relish subscribers (both email and WordPress), so if you were previously subscribed, you shouldn’t see any interruption at all. And if you weren’t on E&R’s mailing list and would like to sign up to get The Amused Bouche updates via email – that would make me so happy! Skip on over to the site and sign up via the pop up, the bar at the top of the site, or at the bottom of one of the posts.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for checking in to this little space and making it such a bright spot for me. I really hope you’ll join me over at The Amused Bouche, and cross my fingers that you’ll like it there as much as I already do.




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