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coming in hot: thai green curry cod cakes with avocado cucumber relish

thai green curry cod cakes with cucumber avocado relish

I’m in the camp that excessively dieting in January to adhere to the constraints of some self-imposed and totally unrealistic ‘resolution’ is a bunch of malarky.

thai green curry cod cakes - pacific cod

But really, who am I kidding – it’s only because I know that I’ll totally throw my own game by kamikaze-ing myself with a cheeseburger, a (craft!) beer, and some killer garlic-truffle fries….just for good measure.

thai green curry cod cakes - chopping peppers and onions

Having my sand in the toes here in much-more-SoCal has definitely got my wheels turning however, and I am hesitant to say it but…..as the rest of the country has been beaten tortured to an inch of their frostbitten life by the ‘polar vortex,’ I’ve been cruising around in a t-shirt and flip flops, taking nightly sunset runs on the beach, and have even managed to pick up just a hint of a tan.  The bathing suit….it is on the horizon my friends.

thai green curry cod cakes - green curry paste

[Ducks to avoid rotten tomatoes]

thai green curry cod cakes - avocado cuke relish!

As with San Francisco, the community here in Santa Barbara is super active; with the pleasant weather, everyone is biking, hiking, running, spinning, juicing, and perfecting their yoga poses.  There is a farmer’s market that runs 7 days a week – year round, rain or shine – and a fishmarket out on the pier that rotates in the catch of the day quite literally right from the (frigid!) waters of the navy blue Pacific.

thai green curry cod cakes - cod pulsed in processor

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after those treats: vegan wild rice bowls with garlic tahini sauce, sweet grape tomatoes, broccoli, and avocado

vegan wild rice bowls with garlic tahini sauce

Because it’s Sunday, because we’ve got a blissful extra hour to kill, and because if you ate even close to the amount of candy corn that I managed to consume in the last 48 hours, I present to you, the vegan rice bowl.

vegan wild rice bowls with garlic tahini sauce, fresh broccoli

(Cue sad trombone.)

vegan wild rice bowls with garlic tahini sauce, wild rice medley

I know.  It’s Fall and we’re supposed to be braising meats and roasting squash and baking sweet cakes with things like apple and cinnamon and pumpkin in them!

vegan wild rice bowls with garlic tahini sauce, ripe avo

These rice bowls will neither fill your house with a cozy smell nor stick to your ribs like most comforting Autumnal fare.  They will, however, negate the queasy feeling that is inevitably setting in as the costumes hit the ground, the face paint wears off, and those fist-fulls of fun-sized snickers/butterfinger/crunch/dots/almondjoy/nerds/whatchamacallit start to set in in full effect.

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in the blink of an eye: almond meal crusted chicken breast with an early summer salsa of cherry tomatoes, pea shoots, avocado, and sweet corn

almond chicken with summer salsa

On the list of Things that Have Happened since I last showed my sorry mug around these parts (three weeks ago?):

almond chicken with summer salsa - pea shoots!

1. We took an awesomely fun four day trip to Playa del Carmen with five of our best friends and drank lots of tropical drinks and and ate obscene amounts of huevos rancheros. Besides the fact that it did rain so hard the streets actually turned into rivers (!), we managed to laugh our tails off (and get a tan!) and had the best long weekend ever.

almond chicken with summer salsa  - avocados, pea shoots, baby heirlooms

2. We welcomed two of our other best friends to the city, Scott and Jenny, who made an epic cross-country drive from New York City to call San Francisco their new digs (FISTPUMP!!). Jenny moved here to help open up the newest locations of the SoulCycle empire, and Scott was more than ready to take the plunge and become a West Coaster (there may or may not have been some enthusiastic rally cries from us, too). Sidenote: Do I even need to tell you what it feels like to transition from aforementioned weekend of salty-rimmed margaritas straight into back-to-back spin classes with the ruthless Jenny holding court as instructor?! #sweatisfatALL.THE.TACOS.crying

almond chicken with summer salsa - colorful tomatoes

3. We had a really fun couple of days hosting two of our friends from LA, and spent an evening catching up at our neighborhood izakaya while enthusing over and over that we now share a state – California, FTW!  Lots of high-fives and raw oysters happened with these two.

almond chicken with summer salsa - chicken breasts pan fried

4.  Mumford and Sons at The Greek.  Yes, I know they are so very overplayed on everysingle radio station, but man – they are seriously entertaning live.  We had such a fun evening, with a crew of sixty (!) of us boarding a bus and taking a trip over to Berkeley for the show, and it was glorious – light breezes washed over the impressive outdoor amphitheater and it was warm enough to wear one of my favorite dresses.

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an obsession, realized: avocado toast

I have a tendency to get just a teensy bit obsessed with one specific food for finite periods of time.  Every now and again I’ll get fixated on one very particular thing, whether it be a completely new food or an old favorite that I’ve since cast aside, and be so taken by it that it wholly consumes that (probably very large) faction of my brain that is hot-wired directly to my stomach. I’ll over-consume to death, pounding it into the ground and incessantly insisting that it is, in fact, the only thing that sounds good to me.

Two years ago I had a month long dinner affair with a spicy green chicken curry from a Thai restaurant around the corner.  I would beg and plead for Thai dinner delivery and make my own iterations at home as often as James’ sanity would allow.  Last summer, for six weeks I insisted that all I craved for lunch was a whole wheat pita sandwich, stuffed with all manner of mandolin-cut-paper-thin slices of veggies and slathered with a smokey chipotle spread.  I looked forward to that pita sandwich for weeks on end.

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