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the sweetest thing: biscotti quadrati al miele e alle noci (honey caramel nut squares)

I cannot accept full credit for these cookies. You see these nutty and caramel-laden confections were the collaborative effort – both in conceptualization and materialization – of contributors other than just Moi.  Last week they were but an open ended question; the type that begins the moment you peel back the crackling cover of a new cookbook, a wealth of new culinary possibilities before you, and say “Now what should I make….?”

In my case, the precursor to this cookie was receiving a freshly pressed copy of Gourmet’s Cookie Book, which contains the single best cookie recipe from each of the (now defunct, sob) publication’s 68 years in existence.  Being that I lack a doorman, I have all of my packages sent to work; and being that I lack patience, I immediately tear them open to inspect their contents upon their (very exciting) arrival at my desk.  This lack of self-control in turn leaves my parcels up for scrutiny by my snoopy – yet lovable – neighbor, and due for some inevitable commentary and inquiry on their stuffing.

I relinquished my cookie book to said neighbor as I balled up the sticky packing tape, and gave him full directorial privileges in selecting the cookie recipe that he deemed the most delicious sounding.  In return for his undoubtably dubious selection, I promised I would make the cookies over the weekend and return Monday with his treats.  He dog-eared the benne wafers and tagged doughy chocolate thumbprints.  He marked off some hazelnut brownies and book-marked jammy cookie sandwiches.  Finally, after much debate, he settled upon “Biscotti Quadrati al Miele e alle Noci,” or “Honey Nut Cookies,” for those not versed in Italian

(….raises hand sheepishly.)

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