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the hostess with the mostess: ricotta crostini with truffle honey & fig balsamic

Sometimes, I am the Grand Maestro of my little kitchen. I step up to my podium and work swiftly and smoothly, conducting seemingly disparate singular ingredients into colorful symphonies of taste, texture, and flavor.

And sometimes, instead, I sidle up to my counter – clipboard in hand – and I am the Cruise Director. I simply tell the already incredible ingredients where to line up for the climbing wall, what time bingo begins, or when cocktail hour kicks off on the ledo deck. I don’t really need to do anything, per se, other than tell the ingredients where to be and what company to keep.

Although I can happily take credit and compliments for the former, I often find it hard to accept praise for the latter. How can I possibly take recognition for something that I did not have a direct hand in creating? The truth is I can’t. Or, rather, I shouldn’t. But if I tweak things just a liiiiiitle bit, and change them up just so to make them my own…..I kinda can.


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