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a birthday treat best: cappuccino ice cream with dark chocolate + sea salt

Sort of along the lines of “What do you get a girl that has everything?” is the perhaps not-asked-as-oft question:

“What do you get a girl that positively swoons over scoops of ice cream?”

Of course anything less than ‘ice cream’ or something ice cream related just won’t cut it – lest you wish risking to see her little heart deflate upon showing up with a piece of cake, a slice of pie, or even a perfect petit four.

And if said friend is my adorable friend Courtney, and said ice cream is of the coffee/chocolate/salted caramel persuasion – well, then, you just know you’re going to hit the proverbial ball out of the park.

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on breakfast disclosures: honeyed peanut ice cream with dark chocolate freckles

Confession: I had a (very generous) spoonful of ice cream this morning before I even took one sip of my coffee or one bite of my seven-whole-grain-fiber-packed-uber-healthy Kashi-nuggets.

And of course by ‘a spoonful’ I mean at least a few of them, as said ice cream is so creamy and sweet and hauntingly delicious it’s physically impossible to stop at just one bite.

I’m not even joking with you.  Impossible.

But today, that is A-OK.  It is a Friday, after all, and I refuse to feel bad about starting a day as awesome as a Friday with something as awesome as ice cream.

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unapologetically chocolate: the best chocolate tart in the world

I really have an affinity for any food that can be described as unapologetic.  The most meltingly tender pork ribs you’ve ever had, cooked for hours and swathed in spicy-sweet barbecue sauce and plunked down on a piece of brown paper with a slice of thick buttered white toast.  Or a fresh-from-the-oven cinnamon roll, dripping with an oozingly sweet sugar glaze and with a center piece that’s just so soft, it’s actually nearly impossible to get a good grip on it to stuff it into your mouth.  And even just a really well cooked piece of steak, with slightly burnt and smokey rough caramelized edges, and the most gorgeous rosy-pink buttery interior.

These are all of course just amplified versions of something more pedestrian that we’ve surely all tasted before.  They’re souped up versions of themselves, charging forward on all four cylinders without ever looking back, and they are unapologetically just exactly what they are meant to be.

This chocolate tart is the epitome of unapologetic.  This shiny, rich, truffley, sweet, delicious, chocolate bomb of a tart; this is not a dessert for the faint-of-cocoa-heart.  If you are hosting a crowd and you’re not entirely positive that each person is totally and completely enraptured with decadent chocolate delights, I would recommend having a fruity concoction on hand as backup (wimps!).  This is a full on, in your face, unabashedly overwhelming confection of butter, cream, chocolate, and sugar….and it rocks my monde.

like peas n’ carrots: homemade chocolate peanut butter cups

Some things just go together.  French fries and ketchup.  Apples and cinnamon.  Cocktail sauce and shrimp.  Peanut butter and chocolate.  Mmmmmmm….

…..peanut butter and chocolate….

PB and chocolate is one of those classic combos that never lets me down.  It has it all – creamy and sweet, slightly salty and rich – it’s one of those perfect symbiotic relationships where one thing feeds off the other to become something greater than the sum of its parts.

And it’s just dang delish, ain’t it?


I was invited to a Christmas party that my future sister-in-law Sam was hosting at her apartment in Gramercy Park a few weekends ago, and wanted to bring something small, easy to serve & display, but still rich, delicious, and fun.  She is an amazing host and I knew there would already be an impressive spread, so I thought a small candy-like treat fit would the bill perfectly.  These are my grown-up take on Reese’s cups – the dark chocolate and chips lend a slight bitterness that is easily cut with the sweet peanut butter filling.  Don’t skimp on the quality of the chocolate – its front and center here and you will taste the difference.  If you can find them, cacao nibs sprinkled on top, along with a pinch of flaky sea salt, look amazing and add a nice salty crunch.  Bonus points for being able to make these ahead of time, which makes them ideal for gift giving or party-going.

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