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inspired & crafted: homemade holiday mason jar snowglobes with tiny sparkly christmas trees

As I am quite certain every other warm-blooded women in this world can identify with, I am constantly sent into a sensory tailspin when I walk into Anthropologie. There is always a delicious candle burning, gorgeous merchandising, and music that somehow always strikes that elusive chord of kitschy, but not cliche.  I always (always) find excuses to duck in [insert wallet groan here], and on a recent visit I spied these insanely adorable little winter scapes nestled into mason jars:

Tres jolie, no?

Everything about them was perfect for our holiday party; the color scheme, the slight vintage vibe, and the country ruggedness of the mason jars to tie in our other eclectic decor.  As so many things can be that are sold individually, I knew only having a few of them on the table would not give the visual impact that I was envisioning in my head – I wanted them to be the focal point, encircled with flickering tea lights in a mix of clear glass votives and tiny mercury-glass cups.  After mentally tallying how much 8 of them would run me (ahem, at $38 a pop that would be just over three hundred sad, sad Benjamin Franklins) my better judgement took the reigns (for once!) and I just couldn’t pull the trigger on something that I knew I could make at home for much much less.

These are embarrassingly easy to make – the entire lot of eight took me just about an hour and a half to put together, and if you’re careful cleanup is as easy as crumpling up some parchment and tossing it in the garbage.  I set these, as envisioned, in a cluster in the center of our holiday table, and the effect of the candlelight filtering through them created an ethereal glow.  I think these would make adorable hostess gifts, and plan on clustering them on my mantle next year, to change up this years reindeer theme.

Heres what you’ll need:
-a glue gun ($7 at Michael’s)
-3 types of glitter ($4 each at Michael’s, $12 total – see below note)
-glitter glue ($5 at Michael’s)
-Mason jars ($1.50-$2 at Michaels, approx $14 total for 8 in 3 assorted sizes)
-tiny pine cones ($3 for a bag of 25 at Michael’s)
-Assorted sized trees ($6.97 for a bag of 21 at Home Depot, or $20 for the same bag at Michael’s if you are lazy and don’t want to make a second trip. Don’t be lazy.)
-parchment paper to cover your workspace and 2-3 paper plates to contain the glitter

{three types of glitter}

a note on glitter: choose 3 types: one that will gild the trees, one that will go on the base of the trees/bottom of the jar, and one for ‘snow.’ A word on the snow: most glitter tends to be static-y and stick to the sides of the jar, hiding your beautiful scene. Pick a white glitter that is hardier/thicker/larger than the rest, and test it first. I used all Martha Stewart brand, and used a light silvery blue for the trees, a silver for the base, and a longer sized, iridescent, and heavier white tinsel-like type for the snow, which I really liked.

{glitter glue}

{tiny pine cones – mine were already tinged with some gold}

{tiny trees, meant for Christmastime model village scenes}

{mason jars, in 2 sizes, and in ‘Ball’ and ‘Kerr’ brands}

Once you have all of your materials, cut open a paper grocery bag or lay down parchment paper to cover and protect your work surface – you will be glad you did later.  Line your paper plates up.

1.  Start by gilding your trees.  Take the glitter glue, and dab it over various places on the tree where you think snow would realistically gather if it was falling down on branches.  I made my snow clumpy and purposeful, and made sure to cover the very tippy top of the tree.  The easiest way to apply the glitter is to either dump a bit on a plate and roll the glued areas into it, or gently shake the glitter over the glued areas, over the plate to catch and re-use the excess, until all of the glue spots are well covered.

2. Next, Attach the trees and prepare the base.  Using the hot glue gun, adhere between 1-3 trees into the metal lid of the ball jar.  Pop the inner lid out of the threaded outer top to do this; it will make the next steps much easier.  Make sure that the bases of the trees are completely contained inside the perimeter of the lid, so that they will fit properly when you go to put the snow globe together.  Then, spread glitter glue all over the base of the lid, making sure to reach up and over the bases of the trees as well.

3. Cover the base in glitter.  Holding the lid over a paper plate, carefully pour glitter all over the glued base, rotating it as you go, to completely cover the lid in glitter.  Catch all extra glitter in the plate so you can use it again for the next trees or pour it back into the jar.

4. Be sure that all of the gluey spots are covered.  You will now have a base that looks like this:

5. Fill the jar with pine cones and snow.  Take the corresponding jar and put 2-3 small pine cones in the bottom.  Shake some glitter ‘snow’ in with the pine cone – as much or little as you like.

6. Insert the trees into the jar.  Carefully nestle the trees into the jar, taking care not to rub the still wet glittered trees against the sides of the jar, smearing them.  You could be patient and wait for them to dry, but I found if I was very careful and went very slowly, I could invert the trees into the jar without issues.  Gently flip the jars onto their lids, and gently shake to drop the pine cones to the sides of the trees.

7.  Voila! Perfectly adorable centerpieces.  I think these look best in clusters with lots of twinkling lights scattered amongst them.

The entire project cost $45 and was really fun – it would be a perfect project for a girl’s night with a few bottles of wine.  Do let me know if you make these – I would love to hear how they turned out.

Happy Crafting!



Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Ahhh, the engagement.

It is such a whirlwind! One moment there you are, just yourself, the prefix-to-a-friend part of a serious relationship nonetheless, but just yourself….and then all of the sudden with a four word question and a one word answer – it’s really that serious.

You’re no longer a girlfriend – you are a Fiancé.  All of the sudden everyone’s eyes immediately dart down to your newly adorned left hand, and they realize that you really aren’t going anywhere – it’s really that serious.

The funny thing is – I don’t feel so serious! I almost feel as if we are doing something wrong when people ask how engaged life is treating me – we’re exactly the same as we were.  Excited definitely, but serious and grown-up – not a chance.

And thankfully, I know that won’t change.

Keever Vineyards, Napa, CA

{But Wait! There’s More…}