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A Beautiful Arrangement: Winter Salad of Blood Orange, Hearts of Palm & Endive

As I’ll maintain on and off throughout these last months leading up to bathing suit season: I am always trying to eat healthier.  We all are, aren’t we? It starts with a few great days “on the wagon” crunching on salads or slurping vegetable soups for lunch, dutifully denying two o’clock sweets, and enthusiastically sipping on green tea over yet another double shot latte (woof).  I’ll hit the gym three times in as many days and feel exhilarated, awake, and alert – overall just very pleased with myself.

And then there comes a point on those righteous tracks where my train derails.  Perhaps it’s a string of rainy days, which certainly prevent my long (umm…3 blocks) walk to the gym, and in turn let Thai food and being in a generally horizontal position dictate my evening.  Or maybe it’s a couple of birthday celebrations, unfortunately pig-piled into the same week, where an innocent eighty-calorie glass of Sauvignon Blanc morphs into half a bottle of Syrah, a cheese platter, oil and warm crusty bread, a sampling of the most creamy and divine pastas, and six healthy spoonfuls of tiramisu.

{But Wait! There’s More…}