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it’s a wrap: pork & quinoa lettuce cups with thai chili, bell pepper, and coconut cream

pork & quinoa lettuce cups with thai chili, bell pepper, and coconut cream

I made these lettuce cups a few weeks back, and, lemmetellya — these bad boys are a keeper.

pork & quinoa lettuce cups, quinoa rinsed and ready to cook

I’m not generally one to wrap things up in lettuce and call it a day (I’m sorry, but is there anything more depressing than watching someone attempt to wrap a juicy cheeseburger in a flimsy wisp of romaine lettuce and proclaim that they truly don’t even miss the bun?), but I will admit that sometimes when I crave something that normally requires some sort of vehicle to get it from Point A (the plate) to Point B (your mouth), I don’t actually feel like noshing on said (usually bready) vehicle.

pork & quinoa lettuce cups, fresh thai chilis - warm & spicy!

Tortillas, wraps, pitas – I do love all of them, but after recalling pizza, fish tacos, and a pita-fueled mezze platter on my list of eats week-to-date, I was feeling a bit breaded out.

pork & quinoa lettuce cups, fresh grated ginger & garlic

Enter these lettuce wraps – where the exclusion of any wrap-type thing adds to the intensity of the flavors and lets the ingredients shine. Here, sauteed ground pork is mixed up and folded together with crunchy bell peppers, spicy thai chili rounds, and a hefty dose of garlic and ginger, and the whole lot is bound together by a silky hit of coconut cream.

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a perfect balance: summer quinoa salad – chinese eggplant, sweet corn, red onion, & toasted almond

summer quinoa salad with chinese eggplant, sweet corn, red onion, and toasted almonds

Clearly I’m jumping the gun here a bit on “Summer,” but I’ve got a racer-back tan-line seared between my shoulders and the imprint of (my favorite) teeny-tiny wedge sandals emblazoned on the tops of my bare feet, so I can’t be that far off in my seasonal labeling, right?

chinese eggplant from the farmers market

They keep telling me that “it’s never like this;” they being those more seasoned San Franciscans than I, and this being the exceptionally perfect seventy-five-and-no-cloud-in-the-sky weather we’ve been having straight up on the reg.  I know I keep saying it, but there’s been some killer days here; the kind that make me actually excited for the in-betweens when the fog rolls in, and for that perfect time of evening when the eerie echo of the foghorn picks up at dusk.

fresh summer corn right off the cob

We had barely even fifteen minutes indoors this past weekend, with Saturday enjoyed posted up at picnic tables and grilling oysters with friends at Tomales Bay, and Sunday spent having our first taste of Bay to Breakers, an annual road race that seems to be much less about the race and much more about who can wear the most ridiculous costume.  (And…ahem…about lots of random naked people.  Being naked in public is a big thing here, folks.)

chinese eggplant ready to roast

Though sweet corn and eggplant are two things I associate more with July and August, I found both at the farmer’s market last week, and therefore – Summer, shes’a close.

taking the bite out of some red onion

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from one-million to one: zucchini & sweet pea quinoa with fresh herbs & fresno chili

zucchini & sweet pea quinoa with fresh herbs and fresno chili

You know those days when you wake up and swear off pizza, that second (third) glass of wine, and ALL THE RHUBARB CRISP ICE CREAM for ever and ever and always till the end of time?

a half cup of quinoa

Our first month here in San Francisco has gone by in a blur of indulgence, with four (separate!) sets of house guests, lingering meals kicked off with cocktails and wound down with unnecessary multiples of decadent dessert, lots (and lots, and lots) of coffee, and too many celebratory (and introductory!) glass clinks to count.

the zucchini is chopped!

And I am counting myself lucky. When you move somewhere new, you’ve just got to make it a habit to saying yes to it all – yes to a Sunday night dinner party with new friends (even if you’re dead-exhausted), yes to racing around the city for pedicures and lunch dates (even if you really need to get some work done), and yes to last minute concert invites (you’ve got the idea). The first few months in a new place are crucial for establishing a strong network of friends, and if you give in to those urges to slap on a tattered pair of sweatpants and cozy up on the couch too often, those invites to do cool things at cool places with even cooler people start to wane, and eventually dry up.

super sweet spring peas, halved diagonally

Though I truly feel like I’ve been going one.million.miles.per.hour, it’s the best kind of million there can be; and even though my pants have become…slightly less roomy…shall we say – we’ve packed more worthwhile events and made more new friends in our few short weeks as “Bay-Area” residents to totally justify the dark colored luggage I’m carrying under my eyeballs and pesky spare few pounds that always seem to settle in just where I want them the least. (Don’t get too comfortable, my Dearies.)

chopped fresno adds color and just a bit of kick

This week we bid adieu to some of our dear friends on Tuesday morning, after a long (glorious, four day!) weekend spent wine tasting in Sonoma, brunching at our favorite local French bistro, hiking out on the Land’s End trail, dining at Range, beer tasting at Southern Pacific, and hosting a dinner party for six — and we were exhausted. Totally worth it, but totally beat.

fresh herbs lined up and ready to be stirred in

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the odd couple: roasted butternut squash and black bean quinoa

Sonny and Cher.  

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.  

Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.

Why mention this trio of seemingly disparate famous companions?

They are all odd couples.  Ostensibly mismatched pairings where one just doesn’t seem to go with the other.  Doe eyed Katie, marrying the crazed man pouncing on couches on daytime TV?  Sonny and Cher, with one tall, lithe, and clever, and the other short and goofy?  And perhaps the most baffling of all – Kermit and Miss Piggy: a porcine wannabe superstar who alternates between smothering her unwitting yet beloved frog with kisses, or tossing him across the stage in unbridled fits of rage?

Above and despite the fact that they all seemed destined for failure, something about them just works.  

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