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pot o’gold: fennel pollen dusted seared salmon with asparagus walnut pesto

fennel pollen crusted salmon with asparagus walnut pesto

I can be dismissive of recipes which demand I zig zag all over town hunting down exotic ingredients. Of course I understand that some Japanese dishes just aren’t the same without yuzu, and that tracking down some real kaffir lime leaves will elevate my curry to otherworldly levels, but back here on planet Earth…

fennel pollen crusted salmon with asparagus walnut pesto - pesto ingredients

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So please hear me out before you decide not to read one letter further when I tell you that you must – MUST – find yourself a tidy little tin of fennel pollen in order to make this salmon.

fennel pollen crusted salmon with asparagus walnut pesto - seasoned with pollen

Yes. Fennel pollen.

A few years ago (well, five to be exact), James and I naughtily nipped across 8th Avenue (on more nights than I care to admit) to dine at our favorite restaurant, dell’anima. It wasn’t exactly an economic decision as we weren’t merely treating ourselves to a slice and a soda, but every single morsel on the menu was delectable, and we rationalized that one day we’d be happy we took advantage of having such a culinary gem tucked just feet from our doorstep. (Which, for the record, that has proven true.)

{but wait! there’s more…}


salmon & soba noodles in thai green curry broth

As much as people just love to hate on a certain someone who has created an empire making meals from (mostly) scratch that can be on the dinner table in 30 minutes or less,  I have to admit – I quite admire her timely quest.  Oh please – trust me – I can only dream to be the type that has all these extra hours loitering around on a weekday waiting to be used up for some whimsical purpose – like whipping up a slow-braised osso-buco, stopping in for a much needed mani/pedi/massage, or bopping over to an ohsostrenuous mid-day sesh at Physique 57.

Ya…that would be nice.

But, fast forward to real life, and there will be none of that.

5:30am: Slap angrily at alarm clock.  Snooze.  Slap. Snoozeslap.
6:30am: Hop-scotch traffic on 8th Ave.  Finally hail cab and check emails.
6:45am-5pm: Coffee. Client calls. Frantic trading. Lunch.  More coffee. More calls. Bell rings. Exhale.
5:30pm: Reluctant gym and/or client cocktails. Run & sweat or chatter & schmooze.
7:45pm: Retrieve dry cleaning. Drop busted-up heels at cobbler.  Walk pug. Think about dinner….groceries….do we have any?
8:30pm: Dinner….dishes (le sigh).
10:30pm: Face-plant-starfish into bed.

Rinse. Lather. Repeat.
{wait! there’s more…}