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Less Popular, Equally Delicious: Seared Scallops with Romesco Sauce over Sauteed Red Chard

Everyone knows Pesto.  He’s, like, the totallysuperpopularkid who drives the coolest car and gets all the chicks.  He lends fresh ‘mutz’ and tomato sandwiches his garlicky green kick and sits prominently atop pizza in warm basil-y pools.  He’s spread thickly on garlic bread, he’s perched proudly atop crostini, and he gussies up boring potato salads.
He splashes himself over fettucine, he curls up around gnocchi, and he’s firmly entrenched himself inside tender and thin-skinned ravioli. He’s the homecoming king, he’s captain of the football team, and his reputation oft precedes him: he’s awesome, but ubiquitous, and at times tiresome and expected.

But what about his shy cousin, Romesco? Romesco is Pesto’s lesser known red-hued relative who spends more time lurking in the shadows than basking in the limelight. Fundamentally they’re very similar, but topically – you’d never guess.  He’s a bit more mysterious, not quite as popular, but still undeniably cool in his own right.